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Divorce by a romanian

Divorce by a Romanian


Divorce Law in Romania/Divorce lawyer

1. How can I divorce in Romania?

If you want to divorce in Romania just send us an email and we’ll clarify the procedure of divorce in Romania to you and tell you if it is possible to divorce in Romania.

2. How long does the procedure of divorce last in Romania?

The procedure, if the parties agree could last up to 6 months, most of them ending in 2 or 3 months. If the parties disagree can last longer.

3. What are the conditions to divorce in Romania?

If you are married to a Romanian then you can divorce in Romania.

4. Why should I contact a local lawyer from Romania in order to divorce in Romania?

Contacting a local lawyer gives you the change to divorce easily by a Romanian without even coming in Romania.

5. When can persons divorce in Romania?

Romanian Civil Code provides that divorce may take place:

  1. By mutual agreement of the spouses, upon the request of both of them or upon the request of only one of them but with the consent of the other
  2. When, due to grounded reasons, the relations between the spouses are seriously damaged and the continuation of the marriage is no longer possible
  3. Upon the demand of one of the spouses after a de facto separation of at least 2 years, andUpon the demand of one of the spouses
  4. whose health no longer makes possible the continuation of marriage.

6. How are the assets devised in case of a divorce in Romania?

Property can be divided either by mutual agreement of the spouses or by a court decision. If the spouses cannot agree, an application for division of the property may be lodged after the dissolution of the marriage, through the divorce proceeding, through a principal action, or at any time thereafter (incidental or accessory application).

7. What about the child custody in case of divorce in Romania? Who is entitled to take care of our child?

8. If the child is not in my custody can I contact the child after divorce in Romania?

If the child is in the custody of one parent, the other parent maintains the right to have personal contact with the child.

9. What are the court taxes for divorce in Romania? How much does a divorce cost in Romania?

10. What are the lawyer fees for divorce in Romania?

The lawyer fees for each party is approximately 1000 Euro regarding the divorce. If you consider the division of assets then the prices are discussed separately for each case with each client, but not exceeding the court taxes.

11. What are exactly our services as a lawyer in order to divorce in Romania?

Our services for foreign citizens regarding divorce in Romania include:

  1. Legal consultancy regarding divorce in Romania written or not written;
  2. Legal representation in cases regarding divorce in Romania before the Romanian Courts and before other authorities such as the notary;
  3. Elaboration of the legal documents regarding the procedure of divorce in Romania;
  4. Obtain of the legal documents such as divorce decisions in Romania.

12. Why should I choose you as my lawyer to represent me in the court?

As we are not a big firm the fees are lower than at big firms as there are no intermediaries. As the representing lawyer has worked with big offices and know the procedure well it is the perfect way in order to solve your problem faster and with best costs and services. You can see my profile on linked’in for further details about my professional experience.


If you are married with a Romanian and you want to divorce please contact us in order to give you further details. You do not need to come to Romania if your residence is in other country.

Please contact us for further details at: /

If you need to know the exactly fees we can provide you a quotation immediately as we receive information about each case.